IDA healthcare servıces


Dental Implants
Treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis


Body contouring
Upper arm lift
Po enlargement & tightening
Intimate surgery



Breast enlargement
Breast reduction
Breast lift
Gynecomastia (male breast surgery)


Ear correction


Beauty corrections with ethical responsibility

The focus of all our offers and activities is always on healthy people.

We reject beauty surgeries and corrections which are only performed to achieve a certain aesthetic goal, but which lose sight of the health of the person.


All patient treatments must be based on careful diagnoses and therapies that are individually tailored to each patient.


In our health centres and clinics in Istanbul, with modern rooms and friendly staff, we make sure that you feel comfortable.

We work with the most modern technical equipment and specialized doctors.

In addition to our medical services,
you also benefit from additional services and attractive wellness offers.




The medical staff at our clinics


The term "beauty corrections" often makes one forget that the associated methods are interventions in the body. Health must therefore always be at the forefront of all treatments. Beauty surgeries and beauty treatments at our clinics can therefore only be performed by physicians who are qualified to do so.


Patients from United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and Switzerland are used to the highest medical standards. If you are thinking about having a beauty correction performed abroad, you will often hear concerns among your acquaintances as to whether these standards can be achieved abroad at all. For Turkey, we can certainly dispel these concerns.


In our clinics only experienced doctors with university education as well as specialized training in aesthetic and plastic surgery and dentistry work. All medical treatments therefore reach the same high quality level as in the English speaking countries.





















Over 20 years of healthcare experıence 

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