Health tourism and health trips to Turkey


Thanks to its geographical location, social structure and economic development over the past decades,  Turkey has become an important centre for health tourism and health travel. Not least, the health sector has benefited from this development, with a lot of money and know-how flowing into it. 
The growing internationalisation of the Turkish health care system gives us and our patients the certainty of being in the best medical hands in Turkey.


Health tourism in Turkey has become increasingly popular in recent years. 
Turkish doctors enjoy the same impeccable reputation as their colleagues in UK. 
In 2011 alone, 200,000 people from various nations travelled to Turkey for medical treatment. 
This does not only apply to cosmetic surgery: In the field of traditional medicine, detox, acupuncture and wellness, Turkey is also one of the ten most popular health destinations in the world.

Additionally to ultramodern hospitals, first-class physicians and treatment methods Turkey scores with over 1600 Thermal springs, which support an optimal rehabilitation.

The beauty clinics of us offer you these advantages
Your health and satisfaction enjoy the highest priority with us.
Top trained doctors and recognized plastic-aesthetic surgeons
Three modern equipped clinics in Istanbul

No hidden costs: price savings of up to 50% compared to cosmetic surgery in UK
Attractive package prices: You save 50 % of the costs for up to two further treatments.
Medical aftercare after the operation
Comprehensive service including hotel booking and optional other wellness offers
English-speaking support throughout the entire process, from advice and on-site support to aftercare

Popular health services for a beautiful and healthy body
The right to feel good in one's own body through beauty corrections used to be reserved for celebrities only.
Fortunately, the offers of beauty clinics such as those of us have long since changed this.
We offer plastic surgeries and cosmetic corrections at the highest medical level at reasonable prices and make our contribution so that every person can live in harmony with his or her appearance.

Our clinics offers its health services in eight languages: English, German, French, Swedish,
Russian, Arabic, Dutch and Turkish.

There is a simple reason why we can offer all these services at a lower price than clinics in Central and Eastern Europe: general costs and salary levels are lower in Turkey. This enables us to offer our patients the same high medical standards as in Western Europe at a reasonable price.


In order to always provide our patients with the best possible treatment, we continuously evaluate, develop and improve our methods and procedures.






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