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Plastic surgery in Turkey - Procedure


First contact via telephone, WhatsApp or e-mail: If you would like to make use of one or more of our services, please first contact us via one of the channels mentioned above.


Preliminary discussion: One of our competent employees will be happy to answer your questions about the procedure of the desired procedure, the choice of appointment and travel organization and determine your expectations and wishes for treatment .


Send us pictures: In the next step you can send us photos of the body regions which are to be treated by a surgical or cosmetic intervention at our clinics in Turkey. The pictures serve above all your security: The treating physician can not only make a rough cost estimate of the desired operation, but also recognize whether your physical conditions permit the desired treatment.


Personal consultation: In a second consultation, the attending physician will inform you about the exact course of the treatment, explain the various treatment methods and also give an overview of the postoperative course and the risks of the intervention.


Preparation of a cost plan: If you decide to undergo the procedure, we will prepare a transparent cost plan for you. This does not only include the treatment itself, but also lists all other services such as medical compression underwear, material costs, hospital stay as well as hotel and airport transfers. So you know right from the start what costs you can calculate - without unpleasant surprises.


Scheduling: The next step is to plan your arrival and your stay with us. To do this, we need a flight confirmation from you by e-mail with the date of your arrival. We will then send you a confirmation of your surgery appointment, your hotel booking and your transfer from the airport.


Arrival and transfer: On the day of your arrival, you will be picked up personally from the airport by one of our staff members and taken to your hotel.


Operation day: One of our English-speaking staff will pick you up at the hotel for your treatment and take you to the clinic.


Stay in hospital: If your treatment includes a stay in hospital, you will spend one to two days under medical supervision in one of our modernly equipped hospital rooms. This is also where the post-operative aftercare services are carried out.


Discharge from the clinic: As soon as you can leave the clinic, one of our employees will take you back to your hotel. Should follow-up checks be necessary in the next few days (e.g. on the status of wound healing), you will also be accompanied back and forth by a English-speaking staff member.


Return journey: On the day of your return journey, you will be taken from the hotel to the airport.